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Pond Renovations

Pond / Waterfall Renovations

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Texas City, Galveston County, TX

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional

Wait Until You Hire an Amateur!

In Our Years of Experience, Over Time It Can Cost Up To 50% More To “Bandage” Pond Problems, Vs. Rebuild or Renovate Them When First Diagnosed

It’s sad but true, our primary service business is refurbishing and maintaining existing South Texas area ponds and water features, to make them function properly. Some of these ponds installed by Texas City, Galveston County, TX area, “professional” pond installers or landscapers leave little to be desired, and loads of problems and issues that drive people crazy and force them to look for help. But, usually only after sinking thousands of dollars into problems that compound themselves over time.

The best way to know if you’re making the right decision is to research your contractors. Someone that is only telling you to rebuild your pond, and not giving you options to help your existing pond, most likely doesn’t know where to start when trying to repair your current type of pond problem.

Let Us Exceed Your Expectations,

And Increase Your Enjoyment Factor!

Chasing leaks, lack of maintenance, green water issues, Plumbing problems, waterfall leaks, concrete cracks, exposed liner, holes, and repairs, string algae, unsafe rock edges, collapsing waterfalls, and pond edges, exposed wires, lights full of water, unsightly installations, missing contractors, landscapers, general contractors, or neighbor’s friends, who built your pond and walked away from the issues… We have chased them all. Sometimes without end…..
These experiences have added up to thousands of wasted dollars by people who are trying to cost-effectively fix their pond issues with Bandaids.

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Need help with a problem pond? Have a blank spot in your yard and you don’t know what to do? Or maybe you were going to install a pond yourself, and now you realize it’s more complicated than you thought? Send us the photos of whatever you need help with and we will be happy to help!

Pond & Water Feature Renovations Serving Texas City, Webster & Seabrook Areas Of Galveston County TX

Ask Us About An Auto Dosing System

Automatic Treatments for Ponds

Aquascape Automatic Dosing System water treatments are specially formulated to maintain ponds, containing fish and plants. When used with our Automatic Dosing System, treatments are automatically added consistently throughout the day, providing optimum water quality and clarity. Contact us to see if this might be a good addition to your, Texas City, Galveston County, TX, pond!